Animal Welfare

Our main priority is to fight for animal rights and offer all of our support to initiatives and organizations that actively work for the protection and conservation of animal wildlife. We also certify that no product of animal origin is used both in our menus and in the rest of the activities carried out by our company.


We support projects aimed at promoting the protection and conservation of our natural environment, promoting good practices and offering effective solutions to solve environmental problems. We are also committed to minimizing our ecological footprint in all the processes of our business activity.

KM Cero

We are concerned about generating a positive impact at the micro economic level. For this reason, we collaborate with local suppliers to promote a direct and fair economy and support the local business fabric. We also reduce our CO2 emissions.


Zero tolerance for discrimination between our collaborators, employees and clients. We celebrate diversity, foster respect, and guarantee equal pay and opportunities for everyone.


Our company has developed a labor and social integration program for people at risk of social exclusion. As a part a of social economy, we have the responsibility to offer a second or sometimes first opportunity to those who need it most.

Zero Waste

We have developed a "zero waste" plan, through responsible purchasing management and free redistribution of surpluses. We collaborate with food banks and NGOs so that no food that can be eaten ends up in the trash.


We train our teams to comply with our minimal waste and recycling program. Our facilities are prepared so that recycling is real and efficient. All of our packaging is recycled and recyclable and only those strictly necessary are used to preserve the quality of our food and home deliveries.


Our suppliers and collaborating companies must adhere to our social and environmental commitment, respecting and developing our charter of good practices internally. In the same way, you can consult the actions carried out by our company.